Turn Pain Into Power

Be the man your wife and children need you to be.


Build Your Empire Without Sacrificing Your Relationships & Yourself


Find True Balance Between Business, Family, and Life
Reignite Your Marriage
A man can be a husband.
Tracing back to the historical era, men have been told to provide for and protect their families. Now, it has become the norm. But the pressure to work hard and do our duties might lead us into undesirable situations with our wives and a failing marriage. And that shouldn’t be the case. With the right mindset and habit, my program will help you fix your marriage in just about eight weeks!
Connect With Your Children
A man can be a father.
Your relationship with your wife is as important as your connection with your children. However, if you work too much and are too stressed out, you may stray further from your children. Let me help you build a strong relationship with your kids so you can be the father they need.
Find True Balance
A man can be a business person.
As a man, you can only be the best version of yourself if you do your best in both your personal and professional life. The problem is, finding the balance between those two can be tricky. Do one wrong thing, and you may see your life fall apart. Not with the right program. Together, we’ll seek the keys to gain control of our lives and have balance.

Are you ready for a life-changing journey?

Toni Versic is a husband, a father, and a businessman who runs The Empowered Man program. He provides coaching for men’s empowerment to help them turn pressure into power and specializes in disempowering problems modern men experience. With a wide scope of coaching network, he has helped over a thousand men in Australia and New Zealand become the best versions of themselves, be it in relationships or business.


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