EP 001: Take Back Your Power & Reconnect With Your Wife, Your Kids & Yourself

How do you find balance and success without all of the business stress?

It can be so difficult to find the balance between work and home life when it comes to being an amazing husband, father, and man.

This can cause relationships to break down and empires to burn to the ground.

That’s exactly why the Empowered Man Method was created—to give modern-day men the tools to grow their business without sacrificing their relationship with their wife, their children, and themselves.

For the first episode of The Empowered Man Podcast, I will share how my life fell apart despite my business success. I also talk about how I took my power back with the exact strategies we’ve used for thousands of empowered men.

So if you’re a high-performing man who wants more from life and dreams to reconnect with your loved ones, then I promise you that this show will help make you a better man for your partner, for your children, and for the man in the mirror.

Enjoy the journey! 

Episode Highlights

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Welcome to the podcast [1:24]
  3. A quick backstory of my life [2:33]
  4. The pressures of a high-performing man [3:26]
  5. The moment my life felt falling apart [4:44]
  6. What most modern-day men sacrifice in the pursuit of growth [5:08]
  7. The mission of The Empowered Man Movement [6:38]
  8. What to expect in the coming episodes [8:02]
  9. Make a commitment today [8:20]


It’s time to re-ignite the spark in your marriage, become a better father, and the best version of yourself.

Go to www.empoweredbusinessman.com/group to join our FREE community and become a part of The Empowered Man Movement. Together.. let’s take back your power!

Connect with Toni

About the Host

Toni Versic
is a husband, a father, and a businessman who runs The Empowered Man program. He provides coaching for men’s empowerment to help them turn pressure into power and specializes in disempowering problems modern men experience.

With a wide scope of coaching network, he has helped over a thousand men in Australia and New Zealand become the best versions of themselves, be it in relationships or business.

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